PERFECT GIRL – The 11 qualities of the perfect girl

perfect girl

Guys fall for pretty girl, melt when they’re nice, go crazy if they’re sexy. But their favorite… is the perfect girl. What does she have more than us?

  1. The perfect girl is inaccessible
    She knows that the male likes to hunt. That if she arrives fully cooked, her mouth full of hearts, on her knees, she will be able to brush herself. So she feigns ignorance. She knows how to disguise herself as a challenge.
  2. The perfect girl is mysterious
    She knows how to remain evasive. She confides sparingly. Confident of herself, she does not lose control at the slightest blank in the conversation. She masters the “inspired” pose, gazing into the distance, pensive.
  3. The perfect girl is independent
    She has a squad of girlfriends, practices yoga, loves her job, goes on a city trip with her sister, is able to put up an Ikea shelf on her own. It never goes into suction cup mode.
  1. The perfect girl (sometimes) asks for help
    She knows her qualities, but also her weaknesses. If she has pudding in her arms, she accepts with pleasure that her Jules carries her 3 suitcases on vacation.
  2. The perfect girl is a good living
    She knows how to laugh, drink one shot (too much) and laugh out loud. She is able to jump into a half-naked fountain or rape her Jules in the backseat.
  1. The perfect girl takes care of herself
    She devotes the time (and a little money) to her well-being. A massage? A bath? A peel? A dance class? She says yes for her moral and physical well-being.
  2. The perfect girl Doesn’t Open Up About Her Problems
    She doesn’t spend her life complaining, even though she caught her niece’s chickenpox, even though her train was 2 hours late, even though her mother forgot her birthday.
  1. The perfect girl is not boring
    But she is able to sulk when her Jules crosses the line.
  2. The perfect girl is unpredictable
    Phobic of routine, she knows how to spice up life when she wants to vibrate. Does he want to see her on Tuesday? Ah well damn, Tuesday, she has an initiation to the pony. Wednesday?
  3. The perfect girl has a respondent
    If her Jules asks her if she has her period, she doesn’t whine. She remains stoic and responds in a second: “What about you? Did you leave your neurons at the office?”
  1. The perfect girl is fulfilled
    She dances life. She sings about life. She loves her apartment, her new sneakers, her job, her cat and her mother.

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