Valuable Advice to Newlyweds


Newlyweds so that the couple’s life goes well, there are good habits to take! Apply them without further delay for a fulfilling first year of marriage.


Marriage is a new beginning in the couple, so it goes without saying that you want to start on the right foot in this new adventure. To do this, remember to:


  • Newlyweds must know how to say saying hello and goodbye to you affectionately, with a kiss, hugging … it keeps your emotional connection alive.
  • Take a moment to tell you about your day: Even if you’re tired and just want to slump on the sofa, that’s the least it can be.
  • Spending time together: and not just at home after work. Reserve surprises for your darling from time to time and find yourself outside for a romantic weekend, a new activity such as a wine tasting or a boat trip, or a simple restaurant in town for maintain the flame.
  • Make your decisions together: it is important that everyone has a say in general in the decisions you make, from decorative choices to the organization of household chores, your free time or your next vacation!
  • Make a list of projects: short, medium and long term and make sure you take active action to achieve them.
  • Support you: be present, attentive and give good advice in times of doubt or problems affecting family life, work or otherwise.
  • Set boundaries with your family and in-laws: so you don’t get overwhelmed if they tend to be very present or have the last word in decisions that affect you.
  • Compliment you: on the way he or she is dressed, his or her appearance, good humor, humor or foolproof serenity … say and repeat what makes you crack!
  • Communicate: as soon as something upset, disappoint or annoy you. Don’t keep everything inside until it becomes a mountain between you! You will see that you have a space for dialogue, you can resolve your disagreements calmly by finding solutions that take into account both of your needs.
  • Spend time on your own: Continue to do your own unique activities and hang out with your friends separately. You will want to find yourself afterwards even more and full of things to tell you.
  • Trust yourself: respect your other half’s space and their privacy.
  • Newlyweds Control your jealousy: out of the question to read your diary in secret, to rummage in your drawers or to check your emails!
  • Maintain order in common areas: Avoid leaving things lying around everywhere, this will overload the space and can become boring.
  • Divide up the household chores: do you divide the housework, dishes, shopping, laundry and cooking, by task, by week or according to your mood of the day, the important thing is that everyone participates in a balanced way.
  • Adopt a rhythm: nothing like a good organization concerning all the domestic obligations to free up free time to devote to other things.
  • Plan your meals in advance: that way, you will do your shopping accordingly and waste less. Cook for several days and freeze some for days when you have less time.
  • Take care of yourself: if you were on a diet before marriage, there is no question of regaining all your pounds! Play sports and eat a balanced diet.

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