Wish my love a happy new year – best wishes 2021 I love you


Writing a beautiful love letter to wish a happy, romantic new year to a woman or a man is a gesture of great tenderness. Our beautiful romantic greetings texts offer you romantic love letters Best wishes, love texts Happy New Year 2021 and a Love Poem for New Year’s Day.

Wish my love a happy new year

♥ Happy New Year my love poem

My love

With this little love poem
I want to send you my velvet wishes
Tell you in a few tender words from the heart
In this new year which begins,
You will be my priority at all times
Because my love for you is immense.


My best wishes are for you
Because you are my life, my happiness and my joy.
I love you with an exclusive love that is eternal.
I love you with respect and with the sweetness of honey.

Happy New Year my wonderful love.
My best wish:
that every day together we are happy
You are all I want.


Best Wishes I love you.
1000 kisses accompany this poem.

♥ New Year’s Day love wish 21


In this new year that begins
I realize how great my luck is.
My luck to have you in my life …
You are my happiness which fills all my desires.

Happy new year my eternal love
May this new year be beautiful.
May she bring you the most beautiful.
Good health and days without burdens.

You are a wonderful person.
My fabulous soul mate.
You are a magnificent being.
My reason for living, my unique love.

My love I wish you the best.
My only wish is to love you.
My love I wish you a happy new year
You are my best wish come true.

Happy New Year I love you more than anything …

♥ New Year’s Eve 2021: good night my love

The year 2020 has just ended
Christmas has passed and the year is renewed.
In my heart, I would like to shut you down.
Spend this honey night with You.

On this December 31st at midnight my darling
I think of you who is the happiness of my life.
Happy new year 2021 to you whom I love.
All my wishes for happiness in one poem

Goodnight My Love.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Good night Sweetheart
Tomorrow will be born a new year of happiness.

Best wishes for the best of luck to the man in my life!

♥ New Year’s Day 2021: wish my love a good day

Happy new year 2021 my wonderful darling
On this New Year’s Day, I want you happy.
Only from January 1 to December 31, 2021
Your heart knows endless happiness.

Your happiness is mine.
Your joy is my way.
I want you beautiful and rebellious.
You are my wonder queen.

All my wishes for love take the direction of your heart.
I embrace you tenderly and lovingly.
Your man in love who thinks of you.

♥ Letter template happy new year love 2021 short

My beautiful love

At the start of 2021, my loving heart is only inhabited by You.
Starting the year with You by my side is a source of delicious joy.
This New Year’s Day 2021 is like a gift from heaven that contains 1000 beautiful moments of tenderness to share with you.

My darling (My darling), my best wishes for a happy new year 2021 are for you whom I love so much.
I want you happy (happy) and fulfilled (fulfilled).
You are my best project.
You are my reason for living and hoping.
The girl (the boy) who makes me happy.
My companion (my companion) with whom I want to experience everything and share.

Thank you for being in my life.
Thank you for being so good and kind (good and kind)
You are a caring and loving woman
(You are such a caring and loving man).
Having you by my side makes me feel confident (confident) and so strong (strong).

You and me are true and respectful love.
You and me it’s a never-ending love story.
You and me are just happiness.
Happy New Year my love, I love you with all my heart.

Your wife in love and proud of her handsome husband.
(Your husband in love and so proud of his beautiful wife.)

♥ Happy New Year 2021 text love wishes

Another new year to share with You.
A new spring with 1000 flowers
A summer by your side to love you with all my heart.
Another Christmas celebrated with gentleness and joy.

My Tenderness, my Heart, My reason for living
You are my happiness, the only drug I get drunk on.
Live a happy new year 2021 by your side
It is living in the land of love renewed every day.

Happy New Year 2021 to a wonderful woman
(All my best wishes to my fabulous man).
My best wishes are for you.
You are the most important person in this world for me.

Happy New Year My loving baby!

♥ Happy New Year my love 2021

My heart

The years go by
But my love for you never fades.
At the start of 2021, I think of You, whom I love.
For this new year, I offer you this beautiful poem.

The most beautiful of my wishes 2021
It’s that our love never ends.
The most beautiful of my wishes 2021
You are still my best refrain.

I wish you all the happiness in the world.
I wish us a life for two where love abounds.
I don’t wish us a wonderful married life.
I wish you to remain that unique person.

Pleasant year 2021 to you my heart.
I love you, You deserve the best.

1000 kisses for 2021 My Heart …

Beautiful love letter Happy romantic new year to a woman

My darling, essence of my life!
Woman through whom my whole existence finds its meaning! With this romantic letter I want to present you my tenderest wishes. To love you and to have you as a wife (girlfriend, spouse, girlfriend, lover) is a gift from heaven that floods my life with the sweetest of Honeys.

You are a beautiful girl, tender and so intelligent! With you, I learned the true meaning of the verb “to love” and I know, today, that this beautiful verb should and can be cultivated at all times! I love you today as I will love you tomorrow.

My wishes of love for you are an oath of happiness that I want to engrave in your heart forever!

Happy New Year My Love! Having you in my life makes me stronger and fills my loving heart with hope! The Best romantic wishes to the woman I love! The most beautiful of women, the most delicious of girls, a wonderful mother for our children (for the children that we will have together).

May the New Year live up to our feelings: beautiful, faithful and eternal …

Best wishes for happiness I love you with all my heart.

Kiss from your husband who thinks of youKisses from your wife who thinks of you.

Short Love Poem Happy New Year 2021 to say I love you

My best wishes for poetic love

You are the Gold of my existence, the Sun of my senses
You are my Guardian Angel, the King of my hopes
My loving soul is filled with “I love you” for You
The New Year with You is an invitation to Joy

Romantic thief you took my loving heart hostage
My happiness can only live through your eyes and your sweet face
That this romantic greeting poem is proof of my love
Happy New Year poetry to you that I love and that I will always love

My wishes of love take the direction of your heart.
Tender wishes that only want our happiness.
May this New Year bring us 1000 wonders.
A year by your side can only be beautiful!

Happy New Year I love you!

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