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Online marriage counseling, Being in a relationship for several years and being happy is possible. The key is to respect some basic rules within the relationship. Discover our 15 tips for being a successful couple. Happiness is cultivated!

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1- Be good friends
Couples who walk and last over time are often loving couples who are also best friends in the world. The person you choose should of course make you vibrate emotionally and sexually, but they should also be someone you can count on at all times, who you can confide in and share everything with. Someone you have no filter with and who will never judge you.

2- Establish foundations
For a romantic relationships to work, it is necessary to establish from the beginning of it a kind of “couple code” to which you will refer throughout the duration of your story. In other words, take the time to have a discussion with your loved one to define the nature of your emerging relationships and the limits it imposes: What do you and each other expect from this adventure? Do you want to be exclusive, or on the contrary do you allow yourself to go elsewhere? What about the concept of loyalty?

3- Have projects in common
Without going so far as to plan, from the first date, the date of your wedding or define the number of children you will have, having common dreams and plans is very important in a relationships. Considering a more or less near future with your spouse will tend to weld the couple and give them a reason to move forward. In particular, when the objectives set are more or less the same.

4- Book special moments for two
Carried away by the routine, we sometimes forget to spend quality moments as a couple. Book at least one evening in the week just the two of you to go to the movies, to a restaurant, or just to have dinner alone at home. Simple moments that will strengthen the bond!


5- Being sexually fulfilled
A happy and fulfilled couple who do not or no longer make love, that does not exist. Even if it doesn’t do everything or solve problems, sex is still an important part of the relationships. It should not be overlooked. Making love is an intense moment of sharing that consolidates the relationships.

6- Accept your partner as he is
Are you super manic and him rather unorganized? So what ? Within the couple, tolerance is essential. When you love someone, you love them for their qualities and their faults. If you want your relationships to work, you’ll have to accept and learn to live with your partner’s flaws. And above all, do not try at all costs to change it, you will get nothing good out of it.


7- To love yourself
Before loving someone, you must already learn to love yourself. If you’re not in tune with yourself or accepting yourself for who you are, you probably won’t let your partner give you the love you deserve, and you will never be truly fulfilled.

8- Take time for yourself and preserve your secret garden
Being in a relationships does not mean, however, no longer having privacy. Quite the contrary! Of course, a couple needs to share moments together, but that doesn’t mean spending most of their time with each other. For a more fulfilling and healthy relationships, both parties must be able to enjoy a great deal of autonomy when they wish. In addition, without going so far as to lie or hide facts specific to their shared relationships, it is important that each of the two entities keep their secret garden and do not feel obligated to reveal the smallest details of their current or past life.


9- Know how to communicate
Communication is the glue of the couple. Without it, the relationships is doomed to failure. If something bothers you, talk to your partner directly and calmly. By keeping it to yourself, you risk accumulating resentments and bringing them up at an inopportune time.

And if your partner feels the need to talk to you, listen to what they have to say and don’t interrupt. Even if that means taking blame. It is only by respecting and listening to each other that you will be able to communicate to get out of a difficult situation.

10- Trust in the other
Difficult to build a relationships without trust. However, granting the latter to a loved one is sometimes easier said than done. In particular, when it has previously been flouted. However, even if during your past experiences you have already been betrayed, you must give your current spouse a chance to be worthy of the said trust because it is indispensable in a relationships.

11- Maintain the relationships
In love as in friendship, non-maintained relationships tend to fade … It is not because you have been together for more than five years that you should no longer be seduced and take your partner for granted. A happy couple is a couple who does not bear the weight of years and above all who does not get locked into a routine!

12- Compromise
Being in a relationships also means knowing how to make compromises and concessions. You want to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, but his parents have planned to go to Paris during this period? Rather than tear yourself apart, find common ground! Spend New Year’s Eve with your beautiful family and celebrate the New Year together, at your parents’ place.

13- Accept the different
The difference between a happy couple and an unhappy couple results in their ability to overcome and take advantage of a conflict situation. Arguments within the couple are inevitable. However, rather than getting bogged down in an argument, it is sometimes better to let go and accept that certain conflicts do not find common ground. It is only at this price that you will be able to be happy.

14- Play the honesty card
Do you think he’s too nice to his friends but don’t dare tell him so as not to upset him? Last week, you lost your job but keep leaving in the morning for fear of telling her? While having your secret garden is important, you owe it to yourself to be transparent with your partner. At least if you care about your relationships. Lying or hiding things in order to preserve or not to hurt anyone has never been beneficial.

15- Do not let a balance of power take hold
This is one of the (if not THE) most important rules! There should never be any inequality within your relationships. Both parties must have the same weight in joint decisions (children, house, purchases …) and neither must feel belittled.

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