Is it true that “love is blind”? Here is the interpretation of the scholars


love is blind it is an overwhelming feeling which cannot be described in words, which gives color and meaning to life, which lifts us to the heights of heaven and lowers us to the lowest levels of security. We are pointing fingers at the heart, but science has another opinion.

love is blind – Some people overlook their loved one’s mistakes for emotional reasons too

It is well known that the heart is responsible for love, but scientifically speaking, the mind is responsible for love. But where is the love in the spirit? What does love do in the mind and body?

People always ask: why do we fall in love with people with their own eyes? Why do we continue to love? Just as love confused lovers, it confused scientists themselves for decades.

On the occasion of Brain Awareness Week (March 16-22), Medical News Today published a summary of a number of scientific studies on the effect of love on the brain.

The researchers, Prof. Samir Zaki and Prof. Andreas Bartels, PhD of University College London, a 2000 study of 17 male and female volunteers, aged 21 to 37, each of whom reported having feelings of “intense”, “deep” and “crazy” love towards someone.


The researchers’ brains scanned the volunteers while looking at photos of their lovers.

The scans revealed that when participants looked at the faces of their “lovers” with pictures, certain areas of the brain “lighted up” – these were the medial torso, the anterior cingulate cortex and parts of the dorsal striatum.


And it looked like something strange in the scan, that there were also certain areas of the brain that appeared to be altered, and these included parts of the right prefrontal cortex, bilateral parietal cortex, and temporal cortex.

Professor Zaki pointed out that the regions of the brain involved in the neurochemistry of love together form key regions of the reward system.


He explained that romantic love activates areas of the brain that contain high concentrations of dopamine, a chemical that acts as a hormone and neurotransmitter, and is associated with reward, desire, addiction, and euphoric states. .

He added that when dopamine levels rise, the levels of another brain chemical called serotonin, which affects appetite and mood, drop.

And he revealed another scientific fact, that the overwhelming feeling of love disrupts a small area of ​​the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for coordinating fear responses and keeping humans safe in dangerous situations.

Professor Zaki believes that if a person is having a love affair, their fear reactions subside, due to the disruption of this part of the brain.

Not only that, love affects another region of the brain called the frontal cortex, which is why Professor Zaki believes that this scientific fact explains why some people feel “blind” to the mistakes their partners make, and mitigate. their judgments or are not at all hampered by the faults and errors of their lovers, Because it is the responsibility of the frontal cortex of the brain.

Feeling overwhelmed with love disrupts the part of the brain responsible for coordinating fear responses (Yosblash)

Can we control love?

Based on the testimonies of scientific studies; Some may ask this question: As long as love is closely related to the work of the mind; Can the feeling of love be controlled only by the desire of your mind? Can you stop your love for someone? Can you decide to love with your brain?

This question is difficult to answer from a practical and scientific point of view, as studies have not been able to fully understand love scientifically, but there is a study that tried to work on this dilemma.

Researcher Sandra Langeslag, with her colleagues, conducted a study in 2016 on a group of 32 participants, between the ages of 18 and 30, who lived in love – at the time of the study – and the study tried to find out the extent to which these people could control their feelings or not.

Participants explained that they believed love was a natural feeling that should not be controlled, and others felt that it was very difficult – to the point of impossibility – to control the feeling of love.

The researcher believes that people are really able to increase or decrease their feelings of love for someone, so if a person counts the negative characteristics of his lover; This may help him reduce his feelings towards him, and by thinking about his positive qualities, he may feel an increase in his level of love.

But she emphasized that love cannot be controlled by an on or off button, and she added that regulating negative and positive thoughts will only change feelings towards the beloved a little, and this effect may disappear after a while.

She explained that trying to regulate feelings is important sometimes when a person tries to strengthen his emotional relationship with his wife after many years, because the yearning for love may subside with time.

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