Have You Heard of “Bluicing”?


Smoothies, we can all agree, are the best, followed closely by fresh juice. But do you ever feel like the process of juicing or smoothie-making coats every surface of your kitchen in … sticky?

Enter: the Breville 3x Bluicer Pro.

Haven’t heard of Bluicing yet? You will. It’s a genius concept from the folks at Breville: You extract juice in a simple machine (aka the Bluicer) that pours the yummy results down a chute directly into a blender jug waiting patiently next to it.

It’s an incredibly compact setup given its sophistication. Use the Bluicer for juicing, blending or bluicing. That means you can make epic fresh apple juice (this thing is strong!), spin raw greens into gorgeous green smoothies, and bluice the two together for an apple-kale elixir. Or consider avocado, walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, spinach, cucumbers, ice, apples and a dusting of ground nutmeg. Perhaps frozen strawberry-blood orange margaritas employing strawberries, agave, oranges, and limes are more your speed. (Are they healthy if you skip the tequila and orange liqueur? You betcha.)

Again, the key is that you get to just swap attachments on the motor base and keep blending; no tricky pouring lessens the chance of big spills. And that blender base is a full 1.5 liters, so there will be margs for the whole gang. Don’t want to overthink things? No problem: One-touch programs have you in mind. There are two smoothie options—one just for dairy—and a button for turning ice into snow, which even kids will appreciate.


Breville has concocted many recipes to showcase Bluicing at its most beckoning. Staffers are particularly partial to the Piña-Kale-ada. As one food editor says, “is the freshest cocktail you’ll ever drink and it even has kale in it, which cuts the sweetness and gives it that striking green hue.” Here’s the recipe. Happy Bluicing!

Serves 4


ounces (90ml) white rum

ounces (90ml) unsweetened coconut milk


1⁄2 tablespoons (23ml) agave syrup

ice cubes (200g)

Tuscan kale leaves (70g)

small lime, peeled (50g flesh)

1⁄4 pounds (565g) fresh pineapple chunks

Place rum, coconut milk, agave syrup and ice into blender jug and attach to
juicer spout.

Turn variable speed dial to Speed 1 and juice lime.

Increase speed to 8 and juice kale.

Decrease speed to 7 and juice pineapple.

Remove juicer assembly and place blender jug onto motor base. Close lid

6. Select FROZEN COCKTAIL program.

Serve immediately.

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