Coronavirus live news: WHO says poorer countries not getting vaccines; Denmark to restrict all travel

Late yesterday we were notified that a case that had been confirmed in Victoria had moved up to Queensland and the genome sequence result had come back and she was positive for the UK variant.

She arrived into Victoria on 26 December flying in from the UK She got tested in hotel quarantine there on 27 December, and she was found to be positive. So she was then isolated and did the 10 days required isolation, cleared all her symptoms, and was allowed to leave Victoria and fly to Queensland on 5 January….

We are just confirming the details of which flight because there were a number of Jetstar flights that evening. So we are confirming that at the moment with her. Then she travelled up to Maleny [a town on the Sunshine Coast] where her parents live and she has been staying with her parents. Her parents have been tested and we’re working through any close contacts that need to be looked at there. She lives in a house with her parents in the outskirts there of Maleny.

We got her tested here yesterday and she is still testing positive, so that’s why we are now following through with her contacts. The risk is extremely low, very, very, very low because she is right at the end of her potential infectious period, and with a normal variant, we would not be at all concerned. 10 days is more than sufficient and she is now up to day 15. So it would not be a concern, but because of this new variant, we are just being ultra cautious which is why we re-tested her when Victoria let us know that she had the new variant and we found that she is still excreting virus, so we are just working that through at the moment.

We will be contact tracing those people on the flight where she sat, the two rows in front, behind, either side, and we will be doing that, and we will be putting out messaging for other people on that flight to be aware and get tested if they develop any symptoms. And anyone who lives in that Maleny and that area around Maleny, if they develop any symptoms, could they please come forward immediately and get tested.As I stress, this is very, very, very low risk, but it is not zero risk, so we are just taking all of those precautions.


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